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A message from the Executive Manager

Greetings from Ghana and from St. Paul’s Lutheran School!

St. Paul’s Lutheran School is a mission private basic school and offers quality basic education for all learners from ages 2 years to 15 years, providing excellent care giving for children under 2 years. The school has three departments; Pre-School, Primary, and Junior High School. It also provides an open and cordial teaching and learning community, which promotes a positive and supportive educational environment where students, teachers, and staff feel valued, respected, and engaged. Our cordial teaching and learning environment empower, motivates, and helps our learners to thrive academically and personally. The teaching community offers the perfect holistic growth and development of learners. It provides an inclusive and enabling environment for the talent and creative development of learners. Also, the school management team ensures that quality education is delivered to every learner for the service of God and humankind. We welcome you to St. Paul’s Lutheran School where quality education is assured and enjoyed.

Kojo Brako

Executive Manager

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  • P.M.B 78, Accra-North
  • Kanda (Near GBC), Accra
  • +233501336220

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