Academic Overview

At Lutheran Schools we believe every child is unique and so we adopt a child centered approach to teaching. With enrollment every year, we admit children from 6 months to 15 years. Our schools combine Montessori teaching approach with GES curriculum, practical lessons, class projects, competitions, educational trips and valuable social experience to raise open-minded children for a successful future. Each class maintains a small size, not more than 30 students for primary and JHS and 25 students for Pre-school. To absorb the excess, 2 or 3 streams are created per grade. Each class is beautifully designed with Teaching and Learning Materials (TLM) to aid recollection, repetition and learning and to support other teaching objectives.

Our schools are highly rated because we ensure that all our teachers and facilitators are highly trained, qualified and skilled with all the dispositions required to support and grow a first-class basic institution.

The strength of our academic program lies in our daily efforts, geared toward student success. We have achieved consistent and exciting results, gaining steady 100% ‘Distinction’ outcomes in the BECE every year. We do not only believe in providing academic opportunities and advantages, we believe in growing your child to be smarter, and providing an exceptional educational experience that cannot be provided by anyone else.

We aim to lead every child down the path of self-discovery to ensure their fullest potential is archieved.

The schools run three terms in a year as follows:

Academic Terms

☐ Advent Term: August to December (16 weeks)
☐ Lent Term: January to April (14 weeks)
☐ Trinity Term: May to July (13 weeks)

Lutheran Schools run three departments.

Academic Departments